LeadsWithDemos Documentation

My Sandbox

Upon accessing the ‘My Sandbox’ section in LeadsWithDemos, you’ll instantly see if it’s populated with your CMS Sandbox Demos. If not, simply click on the ‘Create a Sandbox’ button to begin. If it is already populated, you’ll be presented with the following information

Search bar

This tool is located at the top of the ‘My Sandbox’ section. Creators can use it to quickly find specific CMS sandbox demos by typing keywords related to the sandbox name, URL, or other identifiable features.

Details Table

This is the main section where all your CMS sandbox demos are listed. It provides an organized view of various details about each sandbox:

Icon Type

This column displays icons representing the type of CMS used for each sandbox demo. For instance, a WordPress sandbox will show the WordPress icon, while a WooCommerce sandbox will display the WooCommerce icon. These icons help you easily identify the platform of each sandbox at a glance.

Created Date

This column shows the date when each CMS sandbox demo was created. It’s useful for tracking when different demos were added to your collection.

CMS Sandbox Name

Here, you’ll see the names you’ve assigned to each of your sandbox demos. These names are crucial for quickly recognizing and differentiating between various sandboxes.

CMS Sandbox URL

This column shows the unique URL for each sandbox. It’s essential for accessing the specific sandbox demo directly.

Subscription Status

This section displays the current status of each CMS sandbox demo, indicating whether it’s Active, Expiring, Action Required, Trialing, or Canceled. This feature is crucial for monitoring the operational status of your sandboxes.

Statuses Explained


Indicates that your CMS sandbox demo subscription is currently active, and all payments are up to date.


Appears when you decide to cancel an active subscription. This status confirms that no new payments will be processed after the specified expiration date and time.

Action Required

This status means the subscription is active, but there’s an issue with the payment method, which needs your attention. If unresolved for 72 hours, our system will automatically delete the CMS sandbox demo and its associated copies.


Indicates that the sandbox is in a trial period and is not yet being billed.


This status is applied when your subscription has ended as per your request. Note that to keep our system up-to-date, canceled CMS sandbox demos and any related copies are retained in our system for only 72 hours. After this period, these are automatically deleted from our system.

It’s important to differentiate these subscription statuses from the status of individual CMS sandbox demo copies requested by leads.



This setting allows you to cancel your subscription to the CMS sandbox. Once canceled, no further subscription payments will be processed for the next billing cycle. Additionally, the CMS sandbox demo will remain active until the end of the current billing period. Please note that if the subscription is not reactivated within 72 hours after the billing cycle ends, the CMS sandbox demo will be automatically deleted and removed from our system.

Edit (CMS Sandbox Demo Edit Settings)

This feature allows you to personalize and control various aspects of your CMS Sandbox Demos. It includes settings like:

Last payment

Displays the date of the most recent payment made for the CMS sandbox subscription. This helps you track billing history.

Next payment

Shows the upcoming payment date for the CMS sandbox subscription. This is crucial for financial planning and ensuring the account remains in good standing.

Expiry date

Indicates when the current subscription for the CMS sandbox will end. This is important for managing renewals and avoiding service interruptions.

Subscription type

Specifies whether the subscription plan for the CMS sandbox is billed monthly or annually. This helps in understanding the billing cycle associated with your subscription.


Indicates the amount of storage included with the CMS sandbox. This setting is essential for monitoring and managing resource usage to maintain optimal performance.

Upgrade or Modify Plan

This feature allows you to make changes to your current plan. You can increase the storage capacity of your sandbox or modify the billing cycle to be either monthly or annually.

Edit Sandbox

This option directs you to the backend of your CMS sandbox demo, where you are automatically logged in. Here, you can perform updates or modifications to content and functionality to ensure it accurately represents your website-related product or service. Clicking this will redirect you directly to the sandbox backend, already logged in.

Go to Sandbox

This link quickly takes you to the frontend of your CMS sandbox demo, simulating a lead’s experience. The system should automatically log you in, allowing for immediate and realistic interaction with the demo. If you are not logged in automatically, please use the provided login details to access.