New sandbox

New sandbox: The “New Sandbox” feature in LeadsWithDemos enables you to establish new, isolated environments for showcasing your CMS Product demos.


When you select “New Sandbox,” you’re presented with two options:


  • Free Sandboxes Available: This shows the number of CMS sandbox demos you can use as part of your current plan. If you have available free sandboxes, click here to start creating your new CMS sandbox demo.


  • Purchase Sandboxes: If you do not have any free CMS sandbox demos left, you have the option to purchase additional sandboxes on demand. Simply click here to continue with the sandbox creation process.


This feature is crucial for you to demonstrate your website-related products or services in a controlled, customizable setting. It provides the flexibility to create and manage multiple demo environments, enabling you to showcase different aspects of your offerings effectively to potential leads.


Once you have selected the option that best suits your needs, you will be prompted with the following choices:


  • CMS Sandbox Name: Assign a name to your CMS sandbox demo for easy identification and management. This is particularly important when handling multiple demos. Choose a name that is both clear and descriptive, facilitating easier navigation and reference. Please ensure the name is at least 5 characters long, avoids special characters (except hyphens), and does not start or end with a hyphen.
  • CMS Sandbox Type: Choose the type of CMS for your sandbox demo, such as WordPress or WooCommerce, to best reflect your website-related product or service. This selection is crucial for creating a demo environment that accurately showcases your product’s features and functionality.

  • CMS Sandbox Demo URL: Set up a unique URL for your CMS sandbox demo, enhancing accessibility and ease of sharing. If you have a custom domain through LeadsWithDemos, you can use it here to create a more cohesive and branded experience. This lends a professional touch to your demo, elevating brand recognition and simplifying the sharing process with prospects.
  • CMS Sandbox Demo Size: Select the appropriate size for your CMS sandbox demo, considering factors like storage capacity, feature set, and overall scale. This decision should be based on your anticipated lead engagement and demo usage. Selecting the right size ensures your demo is equipped with adequate resources to effectively demonstrate your product, optimizing resource utilization.


After specifying the CMS sandbox demo name, URL, type, and size, your next steps will depend on whether you selected a free available sandbox or chose the on-demand purchase option.


If you opted for the free sandbox, simply click the ‘Create’ button to proceed.


For on-demand purchases, you’ll need to select a subscription plan, choosing between monthly or annual billing. After making your selection, add it to your cart and proceed to the checkout process.


Once you’ve completed these steps, please allow a few moments for the system to process your payment and set up your new CMS sandbox demo.