LeadsWithDemos Documentation

The metric table should include the following information


Registered Date

The date when the lead was registered on the leadswithdemos’ site.


The lead’s first name

Email Address

The lead’s email address

Last Given Access

The date on which the lead last gained access to the CMS Product Demo copy.

Last Contacted

The date of the last time the lead was contacted via transactional email.

Sandbox Status

The current status of the lead’s CMS product demo which include:

No Sandbox

The lead does not have a CMS product or sandbox demo assigned to it.


The lead’s CMS product demo copy is about to expire (within 20% of the CMS Sandbox demo expiration time). Example:

If the creator set a CMS Sandbox expiration time of 24 hours, then the expiring tag should appear within 2.4 hours before expiring.

If the expiration time is 4 hours, then the expiring tag should appear within 40 mins.


The lead’s CMS sandbox or product demo copy is active and has a remaining lifespan longer than the expiring time which corresponds to 10% of the CMS product demo expiration time.


The lead’s CMS product demo copy has expired, but the system has not yet deleted it due to the automatic clean-up time delay set by the creator.

See this image


The lead’s CMS product or sandbox demo copy has expired and has been deleted by the system.

Note: If the lead has requested access to or obtained a copy of multiple CMS product demos, the table displays the Sandbox Status of the last sandbox they accessed.


View details

Here you can go to the lead details page, where you can see the details of the leads, and activities.


Here you would be able to edit the leads information, including name, last name, email address, add to an audience list and add a tag.

Send email

Here you can send a transactional email directly to the lead.


Here you would be able to delete the lead.