LeadsWithDemos Documentation

Custom Fields from the Custom Field Tab vs. Custom Fields on the Lead Capturing Form on a Landing Page:

Custom Fields from the Custom Field Tab


These fields primarily serve internal data organization within the LeadsWithDemos platform.


They serve as a backbone for data segmentation, analysis, and management. Their primary role is in backend data organization and lead management.


Generally not visible to leads. They function as internal data points for the business.

Flexibility & Scope

Offer a variety of field types for diverse data needs. They can be used across the platform and are essential for data consistency.

Mapping and integration

Crucially, these fields are used for mapping with visible fields on landing pages’ forms, ensuring data consistency between lead capture and internal lead management. They also play a key role in importing lead data from files or syncing with email automation services, facilitating seamless data integration and management.

Role in CMS Sandbox Demo Requests

Act as the backbone for storing and managing detailed information gathered from leads, which can later be used for advanced segmentation, personalized marketing, or follow-up strategies.

Custom Fields on the Lead Capturing Form on a Landing Page


Directly designed for capturing specific information from leads interested in accessing a CMS sandbox demo.


Tailored to collect detailed data from leads at the point of demo request, which is vital for understanding the lead’s needs and preferences.


Directly filled out by leads, influencing their engagement and experience during the demo request process.

Specificity & Conversion Focus

Aligned with the context of the CMS sandbox demo request. These fields are strategically designed to gather as much relevant information as possible to facilitate a tailored demo experience.

Role in CMS Sandbox Demo Requests

These fields play a pivotal role in optimizing conversions by enhancing the lead’s interaction and ensuring that the CMS sandbox demo provided aligns with their specific interests and requirements.

While Custom Fields from the Custom Field Tab focus on internal data management and mapping, Custom Fields on the Lead Capturing Form on a Landing Page are essential for direct engagement with leads during the CMS sandbox demo request process. They are key to collecting valuable information that aids in providing a customized demo experience and enriching the lead database for more effective follow-up and personalized marketing.