LeadsWithDemos Documentation

Tag Tab

The Tag Tab section is a crucial tool in LeadsWithDemos designed to elevate your lead management and marketing strategies. Here’s what you can explore and utilize:

Search bar

You can quickly locate a specific tag among many by using the Search Bar. Just type in a keyword, and it’ll show you all related tags. This feature is a real time-saver, especially when you’re managing a large list of tags.

Add new tag button

This button lets you create new tags effortlessly. It’s perfect for when you need to categorize your leads into new segments or for tracking different marketing initiatives.

Details Table

Select Box

Positioned in the first column, the Select Box proves to be extremely handy for managing multiple tags at once. Particularly beneficial for bulk deletions, this feature streamlines the process, enabling seamless selection or deselection of numerous tags with minimal effort.

Created Date

This column displays the creation date of each tag, offering valuable insights into the development of your tagging strategy. It’s instrumental in tracking the history and effectiveness of different tags over time.

Tag name

Here, you’ll find the names of all your tags, providing a clear overview of your tagging system. This column is essential for quick identification and management, especially when sorting or searching through your leads.


The number of leads associated with each tag is shown in this column. It’s an excellent indicator of the size and impact of each tag, enabling you to fine-tune your marketing strategies for targeted segments.


This column offers practical options like editing or deleting tags. It ensures that your tagging system remains current and aligned with your marketing objectives, enhancing the overall effectiveness of your lead management.