LeadsWithDemos Documentation

Mobile Tab

Tailor your site’s mobile navigation and appearance for an optimized experience for leads on mobile devices.

Hamburger Menu Icon

Customize the icon used for the mobile menu with the following settings:

Icon Color

Select the color of the hamburger menu icon. This setting enhances visibility and ensures alignment with your site’s color theme.

Opened Icon Color

Choose a color for the hamburger menu icon when the menu is open, adding a dynamic visual cue for your potential leads.

Submenu Styles

Fine-tune the appearance of submenu items within the mobile navigation.

Background Color

Set the background color for submenu items, ensuring they either stand out or blend seamlessly with your overall design.

Text Color

Choose the text color for submenu items, enhancing readability against various background colors.

Active Link Color

Select a distinct color for active submenu links to guide users’ navigation through currently selected items.

Dropdown Menu Line Color

Define the color of the line separating the main navigation menu from the submenu, adding to the overall aesthetics and organization.

Change Logo on Mobiles

Decide if you want to use a different logo for mobile devices, perhaps a smaller version of your logo, for better mobile branding.

Enable Change Logo on Mobile

This on/off toggle lets you decide whether to use a different logo for mobile devices. When enabled, an upload section labeled ‘Mobile Logo’ appears, where you can add or remove your logo specifically for mobile viewing. This feature ensures your logo remains clear and impactful on all devices, allowing for tailored branding on smaller screens.