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CTA Buttons

CTA Buttons

Add and customize up to two call-to-action (CTA) buttons in your LeadsWithDemos site’s navigation to effectively guide your potential leads’ actions.

Enable CTA Button 1

Toggle on/off to add or remove the first CTA button. When enabled, this feature allows you to craft a visually appealing and strategically placed CTA, increasing engagement from potential leads. Customize its appearance with the following settings:

Button text

Define the text to convey a clear call to action, directly influencing user interaction.

Button URL

Set a destination URL, directing traffic to key areas of your site or external pages.

Open CTA button in new tab

This on/off toggle lets you decide whether to open the link in a new tab, enhancing potential leads experience by keeping your site accessible.

CTA Button 1 Design

Customize these elements to create a visually appealing button that aligns with your site’s design and draws potential leads’ attention.

Text Size

Define the text size within the button, ideal for readability and visual impact.

Text Style

Select the style (e.g., bold, italic or strikethrough text) for the button text, for emphasis and brand consistency.

Line Height

Adjust the spacing between lines in the button text for text clarity and aesthetics.

Font Family

Choose a font for the button text to match your site’s typography.

Letter Space

Set the spacing between letters in the button text to fine-tune for readability and style.

Text Color

Pick a color for the button text to complement or contrast with the button’s background.

Background Color

Choose a background color for the button to catch the user’s eye.

Border Width

Specify the width of the button’s border to add prominence or subtlety to the button.

Border Color

Select a color for the button’s border to tie in with your color scheme.

Border Radius

Adjust the curvature of the button corners to affect its overall style.

CTA Button 1 Design on Hover

Enhance the button’s interactivity with these hover-specific settings, making the button more dynamic and engaging.

Text Color

Change the text color when the button is hovered over to signal interactivity to your potential leads.

Border Radius

Modify the border radius on hover for a subtle effect.

Background Color

Alter the background color on hover to highlight the button.

Letter Space

Adjust the letter spacing on hover for a stylistic change.

Border Color

Change the border color on hover to add an interactive element.

Enable CTA Button 2

Toggle on/off to add or remove the second CTA button. When enabled, this feature allows you to craft another visually appealing and strategically placed CTA, further increasing potential lead engagement. Customize its settings by adjusting the CTA Button 2 Design and CTA Button 2 Design on Hover, which have the same structure as CTA Button 1.