LeadsWithDemos Documentation

Navigation Menu Style

Customize the appearance of your site’s main navigation menu with the following settings:

Text Size

Set the default size for text in the navigation menu to ensure readability and visual appeal.

Text Style

Choose the default style for navigation text, such as bold, underlined, or strikethrough, to match your site’s design.

Background Color

Select a color for the navigation menu’s background to align with your overall color scheme.

Line Height

Adjust the spacing between lines of text in the navigation menu for improved readability and aesthetic balance.

Font Family

Choose a font for the navigation menu text from a range of options available in the Font Family settings, ensuring consistency with your site’s typography.

Shadow Color

Pick a color for any shadow effects in the navigation menu. Set it to fully transparent if no shadow is desired, offering versatility in design.

Letter Space

Set the spacing between letters in the navigation menu text to enhance legibility and visual appeal.

Text Color

Select a color for the navigation menu text, ensuring it contrasts well with the background for clarity.

Active Link Color

Choose a color to highlight the active link in the navigation menu. This is ideal for helping users identify which landing page they are currently on.