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General info & Email

General info & Email

Here, you’ll find important details about your site, like its name, sender email information and main web address. This info is key in how your site is known and seen on LeadsWithDemos and by potential leads.

Site name

This is your site’s official name. It serves as a fundamental identifier and should accurately reflect your business or service. In LeadsWithDemos, the ability to name multiple sites allows for efficient management and differentiation between them. You have the flexibility to update the site name as needed to align with your needs.


The options here are English and Spanish. Choosing the right language for your site is crucial, as it goes beyond just addressing your audience’s language preference. It influences the display language of various elements on your site, including transactional email templates provided by LeadsWithDemos. This selection ensures a consistent communication experience in your chosen language.


This field specifies your primary location. It is an important aspect of your site’s profile, providing contextual information about your geographical base.

Site URL

This is the primary web address through which leads access your site. The URL’s clarity and alignment with your brand or product name are essential for easy recognition and accessibility. In this section, you can view your primary domain, copy it for easy access, or navigate to the “Domain section” to manage or set your custom domain as primary.

Sender email information

Here, you can configure your primary email address that will be used in the “From” field of your transactional emails. You have the option to leave it blank to use the default LeadsWithDemos email, or you can input a custom email address associated with your domain for a more personalized touch.

In this section, you’ll also find information about the differences between using the Default LeadsWithDemos Email and a Custom Sender Email.

Sender’s name

This field is where you define the name that will appear as the sender in emails sent from your LeadsWithDemos site. It’s important to choose a name that your leads will easily recognize, such as your company or brand name, or the name of a key figure like a founder or customer service leader. An identifiable sender’s name is key to establishing trust and recognition in your email communications.

If left blank, the default LeadsWithDemos sender’s name will be used for your transactional emails.