LeadsWithDemos Documentation

Email Variable Tags

In LeadsWithDemos, email variable tags are dynamic elements in your emails that personalize content based on individual lead information. These tags automatically pull relevant data from your leads database and insert it into your emails, ensuring each message is tailored to the specific recipient. For instance, a variable tag could be the lead’s first name, email address, or any other piece of information you’ve collected about them.

When you compose an email, these variable tags are represented by placeholders (like {{lead_first_name}} or {{lead_email_address}}) in the email template. When the email is sent, LeadsWithDemos automatically replaces these placeholders with the actual data from each lead’s profile.

This feature is particularly useful for enhancing engagement and building a more personal connection with your audience, as each email feels individually crafted for the recipient. By using variable tags, you can ensure that your communications are relevant, personal, and more likely to resonate with your leads.

Currently available variables include:

{{lead_first_name}}: Inserts the lead’s first name.
{{lead_last_name}}: Inserts the lead’s last name.
{{lead_email_address}}: Adds the lead’s email address.
{{demo_name}}: Adds the name of the CMS Sandbox Demo.
{{demo_password}}: Includes the password for the CMS Sandbox Demo Copy that the lead has access to.
{{demo_url}}: Inserts the URL for the CMS Sandbox Demo copy that the lead has access to.
{{demo_user}}: Adds the username for the CMS Sandbox Demo copy that the lead has access to.
{{demo_copy_direct_access}}: Includes the URL for the CMS Sandbox demo copy, allowing leads to click on it and be directly taken to the CMS backend, already logged in.
{{demo_copy_expiration_time}}: This variable dynamically displays the specific time (in hours) until which the demo copy accessible to the lead will remain available.

This format ensures that each variable’s purpose and associated content are clearly understood, facilitating their correct use in your email templates.