Campaign creation

Create Powerful Campaigns to Generate More Leads with Your CMS Product Demos

Strategize and Execute Impactful Lead Capture Campaigns

LeadsWithDemos simplifies the creation of campaigns to help you generate more leads for your website-related business. During the campaign creation process, you can select important actions, including the source of lead capture (either from landing pages or email automation services), assign a specific CMS Product Demo, and determine the validity of the emails.

Increase lead generation.

LeadsWithDemos helps you increase lead gen by providing you with a variety of tools and features that you can use together to create effective campaigns.

Improve lead quality.

LeadsWithDemos lets you choose different methods to validate the email addresses that leads provide through landing pages and forms.

Save time and money.

LeadsWithDemos is an affordable and easy-to-use platform that can help you save time and money on your lead generation efforts.

Capture leads from Landing pages.

This setting enables the capture of leads from your landing pages. Since landing pages are specifically crafted to gather leads, it's crucial to have a dedicated landing page for each of your website-related products.

Capture leads from Email automation services.

You can capture leads from popular email automation services such as Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, and Constant Contact. Once captured, these leads can be directly imported into your LeadsWithDemos account, granting them access to the specific CMS product demo they're interested in.

Make sure to map the correct data.

Field mapping is crucial to ensuring that we match each data field correctly. When you capture leads from different sources, including email automation services, you need to make sure that each data field corresponds to the ones on LeadsWithDemos for CMS product demo access.

Decide which CMS Product Demo to give access.

When creating a campaign, you can decide which CMS product demo to give your leads access to. For each campaign, you can associate it with a product demo so that your leads can try your website-related products.

Custom action after the form submission.

After form submission and lead capture, you can direct leads to a custom landing page, the backend or frontend of the CMS product demo, a custom URL, or other destinations of your choice.

Decide how to validate emails.

Email quality is crucial for successful marketing campaigns. LeadsWithDemos simplifies email validation by offering methods like confirmation emails, rejecting disposable and role-based emails, among others, ensuring you capture only high-quality leads.

Establish where to send the leads to.

Once the leads have been captured and you have given them access to the desired CMS product demo, you can decide where to send them for nurturing and converting them into customers. This includes Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, and more.