Easily Manage Your CMS Product Demos with Cpanel

Optimize Your Product Demos Management with cPanel

When you host your CMS product demos with LeadsWithDemos, you gain access to the cPanel control panel. cPanel is a powerful and user-friendly control panel that simplifies managing your sandboxes or product demos and their associated files.

Easy to use.

Cpanel's intuitive interface simplifies the management of your CMS product demos. Even without technical expertise, you can effortlessly navigate through various settings and manage your files, ensuring a hassle-free experience.


Equipped with a comprehensive suite of tools, Cpanel empowers you to perform complex tasks with ease. From database management to File management, its features enable you to control every aspect of your CMS sandbox environment.


It provides robust protection mechanisms, including firewalls and malware scanners, to safeguard your CMS product demos against potential threats. Regular updates and security patches ensure your digital assets remain secure.

FTP manager.

The FTP manager enables the transfer of files between your computer and your CMS product demos via a secure connection. It's useful for uploading new files to your sandbox or product demos, backing up your demos, and restoring sandbox demos from backups.

File manager.

The file manager enables you to view, edit, and manage all files in your CMS product demos. It's handy for modifying your product demos' files, like adding new plugins and themes or updating existing ones.

Git version control.

Git version control allows you to track changes to your CMS product demos and make it easy to roll back to previous versions. This is useful for testing new changes to your demos without affecting your live version.

File & directory restoration.

The file and directory restoration feature enables you to restore files and directories in your CMS product demos from backups. This is invaluable if you accidentally delete a file or directory or if your sandbox or product demo is compromised.

Access to database.

Gain direct access to your CMS product demos databases with CPanel. This feature enables you to modify your demo data, offering a convenient solution for troubleshooting and updating your CMS product demos.


The software management features in Cpanel allow you to install and manage software on your CMS product demos. This is useful for installing new plugins and themes, and for updating existing plugins and themes.