Custom domains

Use Your Own Custom Domain with LeadsWithDemos

Use a Custom Domain for Your CMS Product Demos and Landing Pages

Using your own custom domain with LeadsWithDemos offers numerous benefits, including brand consistency, enhanced tracking, and increased credibility. LeadsWithDemos simplifies the process of adding your custom domain to your lead generation landing pages, as well as to CMS product demos, including themes, plugins, templates, and tutorials. Just navigate to your account settings and enter your domain name. We also provide free subdomains if you need one.

Boost Credibility.

A custom domain makes your business look more professional and credible.

Easy Recall.

A custom domain is easier to remember than a long or complicated URL.

Enhanced Analytics.

You can use your own custom domain to track your traffic & leads more effectively.

Add Custom Domains.

This setting allows you to add your own custom domain to your LeadsWithDemos account. To add a custom domain, simply go to your account settings and enter your domain name.

Create Custom subdomains.

This setting allows you to create custom subdomains for your LeadsWithDemos landing pages and CMS product demos. Subdomains are a great way to create different landing pages for different marketing campaigns or products.

Free SSL Certificate.

All LeadsWithDemos accounts come with a free SSL certificate. An SSL certificate encrypts your website traffic and protects your visitors' data.

Free LeadsWithDemos subdomains.

If you don't have your own custom domain, you can use a free LeadsWithDemos subdomain. LeadsWithDemos subdomains are easy to set up and use.