LeadsWithDemos Documentation

How to Sync an Audience List with Your Email Marketing Service on LeadsWithDemos

Follow these steps to synchronize an Audience List with your preferred Email Marketing service on LeadsWithDemos:

Initiate Sync

Click on the “Sync list” button.

Select Audience List

From the dropdown list, choose the appropriate audience list that corresponds to your Email Marketing service. Then, click ‘Continue’.

Note: If you don’t see a dropdown list with connected audience lists from your Email Marketing service, this indicates that no lists have been connected yet from ‘Settings’ > ‘Integrations’ > ‘Email Automation’. In this case, proceed to the next step.

Connect Your Email Marketing Service

You’ll be presented with a dropdown list to select your preferred Email Marketing service. Click on ‘Add Account’.

Enter the necessary information for your Email Marketing service and click ‘Authorize’.

Complete Sync: After authorization, you’ll be able to select an audience list from your Email Marketing service to synchronize with LeadsWithDemos.