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Audience list

In the LeadsWithDemos platform, the Audience List feature is a powerful tool that helps you organize your leads into specific groups. This functionality lets you sort your leads based on various criteria, such as their interests, behaviors, or demographic information.

By utilizing Audience Lists, you can tailor your marketing efforts more effectively, sending targeted communications that resonate with each group’s unique preferences or needs.

This personalized approach not only streamlines your marketing activities but also significantly enhances the chances of engaging your leads and converting them into customers.

The audience list section includes

Search Bar

This tool enables you to quickly find specific audience lists within your LeadsWithDemos site. By typing keywords related to your lists, such as the name or a defining feature, the search bar efficiently narrows down the results, saving you time and helping you manage your leads more effectively.

Details Table

Created Date

Shows the date when each audience list was created. This information helps you track the development of your lead segmentation strategies over time.

List Name

Displays the name of each audience list. This column is crucial for quickly identifying different lists, especially when you have multiple lists for various marketing campaigns or lead segments.

Number of Leads

Indicates the total count of leads within each audience list. This metric is valuable for assessing the size and potential reach of your targeted marketing efforts.

Actions Column

This column includes several management options for each audience list:

View List Details

This feature grants you access to comprehensive information about a specific audience list.

Upon accessing the details of an audience list, you will receive insights about the list, including the filters employed in its creation. This is essential to ensure that your audience segmentation remains relevant and up-to-date. For additional editing capabilities within the audience list details, click here.

Edit List

Enables you to modify the name of an audience list. This functionality is particularly helpful when updating or refining your list’s focus.

Delete List

This option allows you to remove an audience list from your account. It is crucial for keeping your lead management system efficient and uncluttered.