LeadsWithDemos Documentation

Actions in Bulk

The leads section provides a convenient way to select multiple leads, or even all of them, with a single click of the checkbox located at the top of the leads metric table. You can then perform a variety of bulk actions to efficiently manage your leads, including:

Add to an audience list

Seamlessly add selected leads to a specific audience list, enabling targeted communication or integration with your email marketing efforts.

Remove from an audience list

Efficiently remove leads from a particular audience list, which is essential for refining your marketing approach or updating your campaign focus.

Assign tag

Categorize a group of leads by assigning a tag, facilitating segmentation based on shared attributes or actions.

Remove tag

Remove tags from selected leads to assist with reclassification or to refresh your lead management strategy.

Delete leads

Purge your lead list by deleting multiple entries simultaneously, ensuring your database remains clean and up-to-date.

Assign sandbox demo

This feature empowers you to provide a group of leads with access to a specific CMS sandbox demo. It’s an invaluable tool for introducing them firsthand to your website-related product or service, truly enhancing their understanding and engagement.

Please note, the system thoughtfully creates a unique sandbox demo copy for each lead, assuming they haven’t previously accessed that particular demo.

When assigning sandbox demo copies in bulk, the system will automatically send a transactional email to each lead, detailing their individual CMS sandbox demo copy.

It’s essential, therefore, to have a designated transactional email active under the “Demo Request Lead” category. Absence of such a setup will lead to errors during the bulk assignment of the CMS sandbox demo.