LeadsWithDemos Documentation

Understanding CMS Sandbox Demo vs. CMS Sandbox Demo Copy

CMS Sandbox Demo

This is the original, master version of a demo environment that you set up in LeadsWithDemos. It serves as the baseline or template for your website-related product demonstrations.

The CMS Sandbox Demo is typically a fully functional version of a content management system (like WordPress, Joomla, etc.) and includes all the necessary features and functionalities that you want to showcase to your potential clients. It’s the core environment that you customize to highlight the capabilities of your product or service.

CMS Sandbox Demo Copy

A CMS Sandbox Demo Copy is a clone or duplicate of the original CMS Sandbox Demo. When a lead expresses interest in your website-related product and requests access to a demo, LeadsWithDemos creates a separate copy of the CMS Sandbox Demo for that specific lead.

Each copy is an independent instance, meaning changes made by one lead in their demo copy don’t affect the master demo or other copies. This allows multiple leads to interact with and test your product simultaneously in their isolated environments.

The CMS Sandbox Demo Copy ensures that each lead has a personalized experience without impacting the main demo or other users’ experiences.

In essence, the CMS Sandbox Demo is your main display setup, while the CMS Sandbox Demo Copies are individual, user-specific versions of this setup created for leads to explore and interact with.