LeadsWithDemos Documentation

Advanced filter options

Upon clicking the filter button, a side window emerges, displaying all available filter options.

Real-Time Filter Application

Applying a filter, such as selecting a first name, will show the results in real time. You can add a value, apply the filter, and immediately see the leads containing that specific filter specification.

Creating Audience Lists

Once a filter is applied, the following two buttons become available

Create Audience List

Allowing you to create a new audience list and assign a name to it.

Reset Filter

Enabling you to reset all applied filters and start again.

Understanding Filter Logic

AND Logic

If you apply multiple filters, ‘AND’ logic requires that lead information must contain all the applied filters.

OR Logic

This allows a lead to match any one of the applied filters.

If you want to learn more about the AND and OR logic click here.

Difference between AND vs OR Logic to use LeadsWithDemos filters

AND Logic

refers to a condition where all specified criteria or specifications must be met for a lead to be included in the results. Essentially, it demands that ‘this AND that’ criteria must both be true. When applying AND logic in filtering, you are refining your search to include only those leads that satisfy every one of the given conditions. This method is particularly useful for narrowing down a large set of leads to a more targeted group that meets specific, combined requirements.

Example of AND Logic

You, as a user of LeadsWithDemos, want to identify leads who have requested access to one or more copies of a particular sandbox demo. To do this, you will apply two filters using the AND logic.

Filter 1: Sandbox Demo Name

Select a specific sandbox demo from a dropdown list containing all sandbox demo names available within your site.

Example: You choose “WordPress Theme X”.

Filter 2: Sandbox Demo Copies

In this filter, you specify the criteria “Is greater than or equal to” and input the number 1.

This filter will look for leads who have requested access to at least one copy of the chosen sandbox demo.

Applying AND Logic

The AND logic is applied to these filters, meaning LeadsWithDemos will show only leads that satisfy both criteria

The lead has requested access to the “WordPress Theme X” sandbox demo.

The lead has requested access to one or more copies of this sandbox demo.


The results will include only those leads who have expressed interest in “WordPress Theme X” and have requested access to at least one copy. Leads who haven’t met both these conditions will not be included in the filtered results.

This refined filtering method helps you identify a targeted group of leads with specific interests in your sandbox demos, facilitating more focused engagement and marketing efforts.

OR Logic

Refers to a condition where any of the specified criteria or specifications need to be met for a lead to be included in the results. Essentially, it is a way of saying “this OR that” may be true. When you apply OR logic, you are broadening your filter to include items that satisfy any one of the given conditions, not necessarily all of them.

Example of OR Logic

In LeadsWithDemos, if you want to see all leads who have either requested access to “WordPress Theme X” OR have access to at least one sandbox demo copy, you would apply OR logic. This would provide you with a list that includes:

Leads who have requested “WordPress Theme X” (regardless of how many copies they have access to).
Leads who have access to one or more sandbox demo copies (regardless of the specific sandbox demo they accessed).

Using OR logic is useful when you want to cast a wider net and gather a more inclusive set of leads based on varying criteria.