LeadsWithDemos Documentation

Duplicating, Editing and Deleting applied Filters

Duplicate Filters

When you discover a filter that perfectly matches your search criteria in LeadsWithDemos, you have the option to duplicate it. Doing so creates a new filter with identical conditions to the original. Importantly, the system defaults to applying OR logic to the duplicated filter, broadening your search. As a result, the combined filter groups will include leads that meet any of the conditions from either filter group, ensuring a comprehensive set of results.

Edit Filters

LeadsWithDemos provides you with the ability to edit your filters. By clicking on a filter, you can modify various attributes, from the criteria and conditions to the values themselves.

Delete Filters

You can delete any filter you no longer need. Removing a filter is straightforward and instant, enabling you to streamline your leads list and focus on the data that matters to you the most.