LeadsWithDemos Documentation


The Campaign feature within LeadsWithDemos is a robust tool designed for effective lead acquisition. It integrates multiple components to optimize your lead capture strategy, applicable through both landing pages and email marketing services. The key elements of a campaign include:

Lead Source Selection

Choose to gather leads via a custom-designed landing page or directly through your chosen email marketing service.

CMS Sandbox Demo

Select which CMS Product Demo you’d like to create a copy from for each lead. This feature ensures that every lead receives their own unique copy of the CMS Product Demo, related to your website-related product.

This personalized approach not only enhances the lead’s interactive experience but also ensures they explore your product in a dedicated environment. It’s important to note that this approach safeguards the integrity of the main CMS Product Demo, preventing any impact on its standard functionality.

Post-Submission Action

Set up the desired action to occur after a lead submits their details, such as redirecting them to a thank-you page or a specific section within their individual CMS Product demo.

Email Verification

Implement a robust verification system to confirm the validity of each lead’s email address, thereby ensuring the quality of your leads.

Mapping fields

here you can map the landing page fields to the internal LeadsWithDemos fields to ensure you are data accuracy.

This Campaign feature is designed with both ease-of-use and effectiveness in mind, focusing on providing high-quality leads that can help elevate your business growth.

When initiating a new campaign in LeadsWithDemos, you start by adding a custom name for your campaign. You’re then presented with two primary choices for capturing high-quality leads:

Tailor-Made Landing Page

This option allows you to utilize a custom-designed landing page, specifically tailored to capture lead information effectively.

Email Automation Marketing Services

With this choice, you have the capability to capture leads directly through integrated email marketing tools, including platforms like MailChimp, ConstantContact, ActiveCampaign, and others.