LeadsWithDemos Documentation

Campaign dashboard

After the campaign is created, you’ll be redirected to the campaign dashboard. There, you can locate the campaign you’ve just set up. Look for the following options to manage your campaign effectively.

Edit Campaign

This option allows you to modify your campaign settings. Whether you want to change the lead source, tweak the CMS Sandbox Demo access, or adjust the email validation strategy, this feature provides the flexibility to refine your campaign as needed.

Activate/Deactivate Campaign

Depending on the current status of your campaign, this function lets you either start running an inactive campaign (activate) or pause an active campaign (deactivate). It’s a simple way to control when your campaign is live and collecting leads.

Duplicate Campaign

If you want to create a new campaign that’s similar to an existing one, use this option. It creates a copy of the selected campaign, saving you time on setup. You can then make any necessary adjustments to the duplicate before activating it.

Delete Campaign

This option permanently removes a campaign from your dashboard. Use it for campaigns that are no longer relevant or needed. It’s an essential tool for keeping your campaign list organized and focused on current objectives.

In campaigns where the lead source is a ‘Landing Page’, you will find key metrics such as.

Campaign Metrics for Landing Page Source

Last Update

Shows the date and time when the campaign settings were last updated. This helps you stay informed about the most recent changes you have made to your campaign.


Indicates whether the campaign is active, inactive, or archived. This status helps you quickly understand the current state of your campaign and manage it accordingly.


The total number of times your landing page has been viewed. This metric is crucial for gauging the reach and visibility of your campaign.

Number of Leads

Reflects the total count of leads generated by the campaign. This number is vital for evaluating the effectiveness of your landing page in converting the visitors into leads.

Conversion Rate

Represents the percentage of visitors who turned into leads. This rate is a key indicator of how well your landing page is performing in converting visitors into leads. It helps you understand the effectiveness of your page design, content, and call-to-action in driving lead generation.

Each of these metrics provides valuable insights, enabling you as a creator to make informed decisions and optimize your campaigns on LeadsWithDemos for better performance and lead generation.

Within the campaign dashboard of LeadsWithDemos, you’ll find several tools to help manage your campaigns effectively.

Search Bar

Use this feature to quickly locate specific campaigns by name or relevant keywords. It streamlines the process of finding the campaign you need to review or modify.


These options allow you to sort your campaigns for better organization and easier access.

Filter by All Campaigns

View a comprehensive list of all your campaigns, both active and archived.

Filter by Active Campaigns

Focus exclusively on campaigns that are currently running.

Filter by Archived Campaigns

Review campaigns that you have completed or paused.

Create a New Campaign Button

A direct shortcut to begin setting up a new campaign.

Campaign Metrics for Email Marketing Source

For campaigns whose lead source is an ‘Email Automation Service’, the campaign will predominantly display one key metric.

Number of Leads

This metric shows the total number of leads generated by your campaign.