LeadsWithDemos Documentation

Key Differences Between Landing Page and Email Marketing Services for Lead Capture

Custom Forms

Both methods let you create custom forms to gather detailed information from leads. This data is stored in your LeadsWithDemos site and can be synchronized with your preferred email marketing services via creating an Audience list in LeadsWithDemos.

CMS Sandbox Demo Access

In both approaches, each lead is given access to a unique copy of a CMS Product Demo related to your website-related product. This personalization ensures an interactive experience without affecting the main demo.

Email Validation Process (Landing Page Exclusive)

When capturing leads via a LeadsWithDemos landing page, you benefit from a powerful email validation process, ensuring the quality of the leads you gather.

Visitor Tracking (Landing Page Exclusive)

You can track visitor interactions and conversion rates using tools like Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, as well as other tracking scripts.

Custom Post-Submission Actions (Landing Page Exclusive)

After a lead submits their details on the landing page, you can direct them to a custom URL, a thank you page, or specific sections of the CMS Product Demo.

Once you’ve chosen your preferred method for capturing leads, each option offers a unique approach.