LeadsWithDemos Documentation

Custom Domains

Adding a custom domain in LeadsWithDemos

To add a custom domain to your LeadsWithDemos site, start by clicking on the “Add a Custom Domain via DNS” button. Enter your desired Top Level Domain (TLD) or custom subdomain. Once you’ve entered the domain, click ‘Continue’. This action will result in an ‘In Progress’ tag appearing next to the domain in your domain list.

The ‘In Progress’ status indicates that verification of the custom domain or subdomain through your DNS provider is required. This step confirms your ownership of the domain.

To complete this verification, you’ll need to follow these key steps

Click on the options beside the domain with the ‘In Progress’ tag. You will be presented with options like “Verify”, “Edit”, and “Delete”.

Click “Verify” to initiate the verification process. This process involves adding DNS records, as provided by LeadsWithDemos, to your domain provider’s settings. Typically, you will need to add an A record that includes a specific IP address given by LeadsWithDemos. After you have updated these records in your domain provider’s DNS settings, make sure to return to LeadsWithDemos and click on ‘Verify’ to complete the process.

Once you have updated your DNS records, you will need to wait for these changes to propagate across the internet, which may take up to 24 hours. After you believe the propagation is complete, click ‘Continue’ in LeadsWithDemos to finalize the verification process. If successful, you will see a ‘Verified’ tag next to your domain. If you encounter an error message, it may be due to ongoing DNS propagation. In such cases, wait a bit longer before attempting verification again in LeadsWithDemos.