LeadsWithDemos Documentation


The Domain Section in LeadsWithDemos is an essential feature that allows you to manage and customize the web domains associated with your sites. This section enables you to add custom domains or create subdomains, ensuring that your site aligns with your brand identity and is easily accessible to your audience.

It includes options for editing, verifying, and redirecting domains, as well as automatically providing SSL certificates for enhanced security.

When you create a site in LeadsWithDemos, it is initially assigned a LeadsWithDemos subdomain. This default subdomain can be easily replaced with your own custom Top-Level Domain (TLD) or a custom subdomain of your choice.

In the ‘Domains in Use’ section, you will find a list of all the domains currently associated with your site. Additionally, any domains that are registered but not actively in use will be listed under the ‘Domains Not Used Yet’ section.

The first time you access this area, the ‘Domains in Use’ table will display the default LeadsWithDemos subdomain that was automatically assigned during your site’s creation process.

Please note that the default base domain for LeadsWithDemos sites and landing pages is app.leadswithdemos.com, and for CMS product demos, it is demo.leadswithdemos.com. You can add your custom domain or subdomain to create subdomains for your landing pages and CMS product demos.

Create New LeadsWithDemo Subdomains

This feature enables you to generate new subdomains under the LeadsWithDemos domain, such as subdomain.app.leadswithdemos.com. It’s ideal for quickly setting up dedicated web addresses for your site without needing your own domain.

Add Custom Top Level Domain (TLD)

You can add your own TLD to personalize your LeadsWithDemos site further for example yourdomain.com. This is perfect for branding purposes, allowing you to use a domain that aligns with your business name or branding strategy.

Add Custom Subdomains

This option enables you to add a custom subdomain, such as demo.yourdomain.com. This feature is particularly advantageous as it allows you to use a custom subdomain for your LeadsWithDemos site, landing pages, and CMS product demos, especially useful if your Top Level Domain (TLD) is already being used for your main business website outside of the LeadsWithDemos platform.

Create Subdomains from Custom Domains or Subdomains

This feature enables you to create additional subdomains from either your custom TLD or existing custom subdomains. For example, you can create subdomain.demos.yourdomain.com or use demos.yourdomain.com if you are using the TLD to create the subdomain within LeadsWithDemos. This provides greater flexibility in website organization and branding, enabling you to tailor your site’s structure to your specific needs.