LeadsWithDemos Documentation

Domain Options in LeadsWithDemos

In LeadsWithDemos, each domain added to your site comes with an options menu, facilitating various domain management tasks. These options vary based on the domain’s status.

For Verified Domains

Mark as Primary

This option allows you to set a specific domain as the main one for your LeadsWithDemos site. Once marked as primary, this domain becomes the default access point for your leads. Note that only one domain can be set as primary.

Redirect or Remove Redirect to Primary

Use this to set up or remove redirects to your primary domain. It’s useful for streamlining user navigation and consolidating traffic to a single domain.


Use this option to modify the details of your domain, such as the domain name. This functionality is essential for maintaining alignment with your current branding or site needs.


Select this to permanently remove a domain from your LeadsWithDemos account. This should be used with caution to avoid accidental loss of important domains.

For Domains with ‘In Progress’ Tag


Initiates the verification process for your domain, confirming ownership and proper setup. This is a crucial step to fully operationalize the domain within LeadsWithDemos.


Enables you to adjust the name of your unverified custom domain.


Similar to verified domains, this option removes an unverified domain from your account.

For Domains Marked as Primary and Verified


This is the exclusive option available for domains that are both verified and designated as primary. It allows for modifications to the domain name, ensuring the domain’s relevance and up-to-dateness.