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Domain Redirection

Redirecting or Removing Redirect in LeadsWithDemos

In LeadsWithDemos, you have the flexibility to redirect any domain – whether it’s a LeadsWithDemos subdomain or a custom domain – to the primary domain.

To redirect a domain to the primary, simply click on the options menu and then select ‘Redirect’. The system will immediately implement the redirection and move the domain from the “Domains Not Used Yet” table to the “Domains in Use” table. Here, it will be tagged as “Redirected to Primary”.

Please note that for redirection to be effective, the domain must have the ‘Verified’ tag.

If you need to remove a redirect from a domain in LeadsWithDemos, the process is straightforward.

First, navigate to the “Domains in Use” table where your currently redirected domains are listed. Identify the domain that has been redirected and you wish to remove the redirect from. This domain will have a tag indicating “Redirected to Primary”.

Click on the options menu next to this domain. In the menu, select the option ‘Remove Redirect’. Upon doing this, the system will immediately remove the redirect from this domain. The domain will then be moved back to the “Domains Not Used Yet” table, signifying that the redirect has been successfully removed and the domain is no longer actively redirected.

It’s important to regularly review your domain settings after making changes like this to ensure that your site’s navigation and user experience remain optimal.