LeadsWithDemos Documentation

General tab

These settings are designed to provide maximum control and personalization of your CMS Sandbox Demos, ensuring a secure and tailored experience for both you and your leads.

CMS Sandbox Demo Name

Modify the name of your sandbox demo for easier tracking and management. Changes here will reflect across all relevant instances.

CMS Sandbox Demo URL

This section allows you to view and, if necessary, modify the unique URL of your CMS sandbox demo.

If you have a custom domain added to your LeadsWithDemos site, you can utilize it here, ensuring that your CMS sandbox demo reflects your custom URL for a more branded experience.

CMS Sandbox Demo Copy Expiration Time

Set a specific duration for how long a lead can access a copy of the demo. This feature is crucial for managing lead engagement and ensuring demo resources are used effectively.

CMS Sandbox Demo Copy Automatic Clean-Up

Decide the timeframe for removing expired demo copies, aiding in database organization and efficiency.

For instance, setting a 24-hour expiration time and a 72-hour clean-up time means the system will delete the demo copy 72 hours after its active 24-hour period ends.

Restricted access to leads

Customize user permissions to add or remove plugins and access the file editor. This control level ensures security and preserves the integrity of your demo environment.

When toggled off, leads will have full administrator access to the demo, including the ability to modify plugins and themes. When toggled on, leads will still have administrator privileges but will be restricted from adding new plugins or accessing the theme editor section.

You can also set these settings as the default for the next CMS sandbox demo that you create.