LeadsWithDemos Documentation

Advanced filter options

You can filter leads based on various criteria such as lead details, email information, transactional email interactions, sandbox demo information, and custom fields.

Here is a List of advanced filter options:

Lead details:

Filter by lead details like first name, last name, email address, email domain, assigned tags, audience lists, and others.

Lead details

First name

Filter by the first name of the lead. This allows you to narrow down your search to leads with a specific given name.

Last name

Filter by the last name of the lead. Use this to identify leads based on their family name or surname.

Email address

Filter by the lead’s exact email address. This is useful for locating specific individuals or for checking the presence of a particular email in your leads list.

Email domain

Filter by the domain part of the lead’s email address (e.g., @gmail.com). It can help you segment leads based on their email provider or corporate domain.

Assigned tag

Filter by tags assigned to leads. Tags are often used to categorize leads by interest, behavior, or stage in the sales funnel.

Country code

Filter by the lead’s country code, which the system can track. This geographical filter allows you to focus on leads based on their location.

Email information

Email has been received

Filter by whether the email sent to the lead has been successfully received. This helps in identifying leads who have actually gotten the emails you sent.

Email has not been received

Filter by whether the email sent to the lead has not been received. This can indicate issues with email delivery or incorrect email addresses.

Email has been opened

Filter by whether the lead has opened an email you sent. This is useful for gauging the interest level of the leads and the effectiveness of email subject lines.

Email has not been opened

Filter by whether the lead has not opened an email you sent. This can help identify leads who may need follow-up or different engagement strategies.

Links have been clicked

Filter by whether the lead has clicked on any links within the emails you sent. This indicates a higher level of engagement and interest in the content or offers presented.

Email has been bounced

Filter by whether the email sent to the lead has bounced back. This usually occurs due to invalid email addresses or issues with the recipient’s server, signaling a need for data cleansing or updates.

Transactional emails

Transactional email name

Filter by the specific name of the transactional email sent to your leads. This feature enables you to segment and analyze leads based on their interactions with distinct transactional emails, such as welcome emails or demo copies access details. By using this filter, you gain valuable insights into which emails resonate most with your audience and drive effective engagement.

List Membership

Audience list

Filter by the audience list a lead belongs to. This helps you view leads grouped under specific marketing segments or campaigns.

Created At

Registered date

Filter by the date when the lead was added to your LeadsWithDemos’ site. It allows you to segment leads based on when they entered your sales pipeline.

Sandboxes demo

Sandbox demo name

Filter leads by sandbox demo names they have requested access to. This allows you to target leads interested in specific demos.

Sandbox demo copy status

Filter leads by the status of their sandbox demo copies. This status can be:

No Sandbox

The lead does not have any CMS sandbox demo assigned.


The lead’s CMS sandbox demo copy is nearing expiration (within 20% of the set expiration time).


The lead’s CMS sandbox demo copy is currently active and not close to expiring.


The lead’s CMS sandbox demo copy has expired but is still pending deletion due to a delay in the system’s automatic cleanup.


The lead’s CMS sandbox demo copy has expired and been deleted by the system.

Sandbox demo copies

Filter leads by the number of CMS sandbox or sandbox demo copies they have requested access to, identifying leads with higher engagement.

Access to a s. demo copy

Filter leads by whether they currently have access to one or more sandbox demo copies, indicating active engagement with your demos.

S. demo copy expiry date

Filter leads by the expiration date of their CMS sandbox demo copies, useful for tracking demo usage and identifying leads for potential follow-up.

Here you can learn the difference between CMS sandbox demo and CMS sandbox demo copy,

Leads Capturing Campaign

Campaign name: Filter leads by the specific LeadsWithDemos campaign name from which they were captured. This helps you to analyze and segment leads based on their originating campaign, facilitating targeted follow-up strategies and performance assessment of different campaigns.

Lead capturing source: Filter leads by the source of their capture, whether it’s from a LeadsWithDemos landing page with a capturing form or from your email automation service provider. This distinction allows for a deeper understanding of which platforms or methods are most effective in your lead generation efforts.

Custom fields

Filter leads by any custom field you have created within LeadsWithDemos. This allows for highly personalized segmentation based on unique criteria specific to your business needs. Whether it’s industry type, product interest, or any other bespoke category, custom fields enable you to refine your leads list with precision and relevance to your particular marketing or sales strategies. You have the flexibility to create a variety of custom fields, such as:


Segment leads based on geographic location.


Categorize leads by their associated company.

Company size

Organize leads according to the size of their company, useful for targeting businesses of different scales.

Phone number

Useful for campaigns or strategies that require direct phone contact.

Other fields

The option to create additional fields as per your unique requirements, offering limitless possibilities for lead segmentation.