LeadsWithDemos Documentation

Editing a domain or subdomain in LeadsWithDemos

The ‘Edit’ option in LeadsWithDemos enables you to modify the name of your domain or subdomain. This is essential to ensure your domain name accurately reflects your current branding and site objectives.

When opting to edit a custom domain or custom subdomain, be prepared for a warning message. This message seeks to confirm your decision to proceed, especially if the changes might impact the domain’s verification status.

To begin editing, click the options menu beside the domain you wish to edit and select “Edit”. A confirmation window may appear. If you’re ready to proceed, click ‘Accept’. Then, a new window will open for you to make the required changes to the domain name. Note that for LeadsWithDemo default subdomains, this window will not appear. After making your changes, click ‘Update’ to save and apply them.

It’s important to note that editing a custom domain or subdomain could affect its verification process. Therefore, proceed with caution to avoid any potential disruptions.