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Domain Tags

Domain Tags in LeadsWithDemos

In LeadsWithDemos, we use different tags next to your domains to inform you about their status, enabling you to take appropriate actions.


This tag signifies that the domain has successfully passed the verification process. It confirms that you are the rightful owner of the domain and that it has been correctly configured to work with LeadsWithDemos. A verified domain is fully operational and can be used for hosting your site.

LeadsWithDemos subdomains automatically receive the ‘Verified’ tag.


The ‘Primary’ tag is used to identify the main domain associated with your LeadsWithDemos site. This is the default domain that visitors and leads will use to access your site, and lead capturing landing pages. Setting a domain as primary ensures it is highlighted on your LeadsWithDemos landing pages.

In progress

This tag is shown for domains that are currently undergoing the setup or verification process. It indicates that the domain is not yet fully operational within LeadsWithDemos. This could involve waiting for DNS changes to propagate or for the verification process to be completed. For guidance on beginning the verification process for your custom domain, please refer to our verification instructions.