LeadsWithDemos Documentation

Page Template Tab

The ‘Page Template Tab’ within the pages section of LeadsWithDemos is a vital resource for accessing and utilizing a variety of pre-designed custom landing page templates. This feature offers a selection of ready-made templates, each featuring a professionally crafted layout and structure. These templates are designed for immediate use, allowing quick customization to align with your brand standards and specific lead-capturing requirements. They are intended to facilitate efficient landing page creation while ensuring a consistent and high-quality design across all your lead-capturing pages.

Please note that this tab exclusively contains pre-designed custom landing page templates. All pre-designed landing pages (with fixed layouts) are available in the ‘Site Page’ tab.

To use a template, simply select your preferred design from the ‘Page Template Tab,’ click on the options menu, and choose ‘Copy to Site Pages.’ Once copied to the ‘Site Pages Tab,’ you have the option to further customize the template by adding your own layout (if needed), text, images, and branding elements. This flexibility greatly enhances the process of creating highly effective, conversion-oriented lead-capturing pages.

Within the ‘Page Templates Tab,’ you will find the following features:

Search Bar

This tool allows creators to quickly find specific templates by typing in relevant keywords or phrases. It’s particularly useful when you have a clear idea of the type of template you’re looking for, making the search process more efficient and targeted.

Footer Layout with Preview Option

This feature allows you to view and select whether or not to use the latest version of the footer design template available. The preview option enables you to see how the footer design appears in a real-world context before making your selection or update. This ensures that the footer aligns with both the aesthetic and functional needs of your landing page. Once you copy it to the ‘Site Page Tab,’ your site footer will not be automatically altered if a new footer design becomes available.

Custom Page Templates with Preview Option

This functionality provides you with access to a range of customizable landing page templates. Each template can be previewed before selection, which means you can see how the layout and design elements come together on a page. This helps in making informed decisions about which template best matches the specific requirements and style preferences for your landing page.

Once you copy any custom landing page to the ‘Site Page Tab,’ your landing page will remain unchanged, even if there are updates to the custom landing page template design.