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Landing Pages

Landing Pages in LeadsWithDemos

Our platform offers both predefined and custom landing pages, facilitating the creation of unique pages aimed at capturing high-quality leads. With LeadsWithDemos, you can efficiently collect any lead information you might need.

Types of Pages in LeadsWithDemos

Pre-designed Landing Pages

These ready-made pages, provided by LeadsWithDemos, come with a basic layout ideal for immediate lead generation. Although their structure is fixed, design elements like fonts, text styles, and colors can be customized to suit your preferences.

Custom Landing Pages

This feature allows you to build landing pages from the ground up, providing extensive opportunities for personalization and creative control. You can design distinctive pages that align with your specific marketing goals, conversion funnels, and brand identity.

Key Features of LeadsWithDemos Landing Pages

Unique Layout

Customize your landing pages with any layout. You can include forms with various fields to request specific information from leads, granting them access to a copy of your CMS product demos. Our landing custom pages are equipped with a fully customizable page builder, enabling the creation of a diverse range of pages for your lead conversion funnel.

Unique Design

LeadsWithDemos landing pages can be tailored to extend and mirror the design of your main website. We offer full personalization options, ensuring that your landing pages are true reflections of your brand at the highest level.


Incorporate custom tracking snippets to monitor visitor behavior and retarget those who haven’t converted. Our system allows the integration of tracking codes from various platforms, facilitating effective retargeting of non-converted visitors across different advertising platforms.

Fields Mapping

On LeadsWithDemos landing pages, you can create custom forms and include any form fields you need to collect detailed information from leads. Mapping each field to the custom landing page promotes efficient data transfer to the LeadsWithDemos lead details page. This feature is instrumental in creating audience lists based on the gathered lead information.


Improve the search engine visibility of your LeadsWithDemos landing pages, be they predesigned or custom. By adding SEO elements, your pages become indexable by major search engines, increasing their visibility and attracting potential leads through brand-related search engine queries.

Upon accessing the LeadsWithDemos pages section, you will find two main tabs: the ‘Site Pages’ tab and the ‘Page Template’ tab.

Page Template Tab

Discover how to efficiently create and customize high-quality landing pages with the 'Page Template Tab' in LeadsWithDemos. Access a variety of pre-designed templates to enhance your lead generation efforts.

Site Pages Tab

Efficiently manage and customize your predesigned and custom landing pages from the Site Pages Tab in LeadsWithDemos. Access, edit, and optimize your site's pages and footer with ease.

Templates vs. Landing Pages

Discover the differences between predesigned page templates and landing pages in LeadsWithDemos. Customize templates for unique needs or opt for ready-made landing pages for quicker lead generation.