LeadsWithDemos Documentation

Email Tab

The Email Tab within the Email Builder section of LeadsWithDemos is a crucial feature for creating and customizing your transactional emails. It provides a user-friendly interface where you can craft the content of your emails, from the subject line to the body text.

Within the Email Tab, you will find the following features.

Search bar

The Search Bar in the Email Tab is a convenient tool for quickly locating specific emails. It’s particularly useful when you have many emails and need to find one based on its name, category, or other attributes. Simply enter a keyword, and the search function will display relevant emails, simplifying the process of managing your email communications.

Details table

The Details Table in the Email Tab provides an organized display of important information about your emails, helping you effectively manage them:

Email Created Date

Shows the date when each email was initially created.

Email Name

Displays the names of your emails for easy identification.

Email Category

This indicates the category or trigger for each email. By categorizing emails, it aids in identifying the specific event or action that prompted the email, offering clarity on the email’s purpose and context.

Email Last Update

Reveals the most recent update date for each email, reflecting the latest changes or modifications.

Email State

This feature displays the current state of each email, indicating whether it is toggled off (inactive) or toggled on (active). It is crucial to understand that only emails marked as ‘toggled on’ are sent by the system. Therefore, to ensure your transactional emails are dispatched as intended, verify that they are set to ‘toggled on’.

Please keep in mind that within each email category, only one email can be toggled on at a time. This means if you toggle on a specific email within a category, all other emails in the same category will automatically toggle off. This mechanism ensures that only one type of email per category is sent out, maintaining clarity and avoiding duplication if you have multiple emails set up for the same category. This feature helps streamline your communication and ensures that your leads receive the most relevant and updated email for each specific trigger or category.

Actions Column

Features several actions for email management:

Open Template

This option allows you to directly edit the content of the email. It’s a quick way to make adjustments to the email body as per your requirements.


Enables you to alter key email details like the name, subject, and category. Adjacent to the subject field, you’ll find a section listing all available variables. This feature facilitates personalizing the subject line with dynamic content relevant to your leads’ information.


Quickly creates a duplicate of the selected email. This is particularly handy for adapting an existing email for different uses or contexts, saving you time and effort.


Removes the email from your list, useful for decluttering or removing outdated content.

Test Email

The Test Email button in the Email tab is a valuable tool that enables you to send a trial version of your email to a designated lead’s email address. This feature is integral for confirming that the content, layout, and overall look of your email match your expectations before it’s sent out to your actual leads.

By using the Test Email button, you can fine-tune and ensure that all aspects of the email, including links and formatting, are functioning as intended. This proactive approach is crucial in maintaining the high quality and effectiveness of your email communications.

To use this function

Ensure you have added a testing lead and the specific email you wish to test to your LeadsWithDemos account. These will then appear as options in dropdown lists.

Select the desired lead from the dropdown list to whom you want to send the test email.

Choose the email you wish to test from another dropdown list, then click send.

These steps are necessary to see the available options for test emails within your LeadsWithDemos site.

New email

Enables you to create a new email template from scratch.

Provides the option to add essential email details like.

Name of the Email

Assign a unique and recognizable name to your email.


Incorporate dynamic variables into the subject line for personalized communication.

Email Categories or Triggers

Select from a range of predefined categories or triggers available in a dropdown list, tailoring the email’s purpose and context.