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Email history Section

Search bar

In the Email History section of LeadsWithDemos, the search bar allows you to quickly locate specific emails based on various criteria. By entering keywords, email addresses, or other relevant terms, you can effortlessly filter through your email history to find exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you need to review the details of a particular email sent to a lead or analyze open rates, the search bar streamlines the process, making your email management more efficient and user-friendly.

Metric table


Sent date

Indicates the exact date when a specific email was sent. This helps you track the timing of your communication with leads.


Shows the email address from which the email was sent. This could be a default LeadsWithDemos email or a custom email set by you, providing clarity on the origin of the email.

Default LeadsWithDemos Email

This refers to the standard email address provided by LeadsWithDemos for sending transactional emails. It’s the pre-set sender email that’s used if you haven’t specified a custom email. This default email ensures that you can start transactional emails immediately without needing to set up a separate email address.

Custom Sender Email

A custom sender email is a personalized email address that you can set up to replace the default LeadsWithDemos email. This option allows you to send emails from an address that is associated with your brand or domain, offering a more tailored and professional appearance to your recipients. Custom sender emails often increase trust and recognition among your leads, enhancing the effectiveness of your communication.

To configure your custom sender information, including the sender’s email and name, please navigate to ‘Site’ > ‘Site Details’ > ‘Email‘ in your LeadsWithDemos site.

Receiver’s Email

Displays the email addresses of the recipients who received the email. This is useful for verifying which leads have been contacted and for targeting follow-up communications.


Identifies the category or specific event that triggered the email. Categories could range from user actions like demo requests to system triggers, helping you understand the context and purpose of each email.

Refer to the ‘Category‘ section to view all available categories for use.


Indicates if the links within a specific email were clicked by the recipient. This per-email metric helps you gauge recipient engagement with individual emails, showing their interaction with the embedded content.


Shows whether a particular email was opened by its recipients. This key metric allows you to assess the initial interest in each email sent, highlighting the effectiveness of your subject line and overall email appeal.

Email status

This status for each email indicates whether it was successfully delivered or not. Understanding the delivery status on a per-email basis is crucial for identifying potential issues with specific emails and ensuring successful communication.


This column provides options for direct actions like resending an email. It’s a convenient feature for quickly addressing any email delivery issues or re-engaging leads with important information.