LeadsWithDemos Documentation

CMS Sandbox

A CMS Sandbox is an isolated, replicable environment designed specifically for creating CMS Product Demos. In this controlled space, potential customers can engage with your website-related products, such as themes or plugins, without any risk to the main product demo or live data. It serves as a safe, standalone version of your product, meticulously replicating its full functionality. This setup allows leads to extensively test and explore features, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of the product’s capabilities in a secure setting.

Key Characteristics


The CMS Sandbox operates as an isolated, standalone environment, completely separate from the main product demo. This separation ensures that any activities within the sandbox do not impact the real product demo or other users, thus maintaining the integrity of the main demo environment.


Leads have the ability to fully interact with the CMS features within the sandbox, customizing and testing them as though they were using the live product. This hands-on approach facilitates a deep understanding of the product’s capabilities, significantly enhancing the user experience and aiding in informed decision-making.


Each time a lead requests access to a CMS Sandbox containing your CMS Product Demos, LeadsWithDemos generates a unique, replicable copy of the demo. This setup ensures that each lead enjoys a personalized and non-intrusive experience, without any overlap or interference from other users. It also ensures there is no impact on your primary CMS Product Demo, preserving its original state and functionality.


All changes made within a CMS Sandbox are confined to that specific environment, ensuring they do not affect the main website-related product. This containment guarantees the stability and integrity of your primary offerings.

Demonstration Tool

The CMS Sandbox acts as a powerful demonstration tool, effectively highlighting your website-related product’s functionality and benefits to potential customers. By providing a controlled and risk-free environment, it allows leads to explore and evaluate the product’s full potential without compromising the actual product’s stability or data.