LeadsWithDemos Documentation

Audience List Details and Editing Options

By selecting ‘View List’ from the details table, you are taken to an in-depth view of the leads within that specific audience list. In this section, you are empowered with the ability to adjust filters using our advanced filtering capabilities. You can view essential information like the size of your audience list and the date when the last lead was added. A search bar is also available for quickly finding specific leads within the list.

You will also see a table that gives an overview of all the leads included in the list.

After you make any changes to the filters, remember to click ‘Save’. This action ensures that your adjustments are effectively applied and saved.

As a creator on LeadsWithDemos, you have the ability to refine your audience lists using filters based on both lead details and their behaviors. This powerful feature enables you to develop active audience lists that automatically update over time.

These ‘active‘ audience lists are dynamic, updating themselves based on the criteria you set. For example, if you create an audience list based on leads that have opened a specific email, the list will automatically include new leads who open that email in the future. This self-updating mechanism ensures that your audience lists are always current and reflective of the latest interactions and behaviors of your leads.

Next to the “Save changes” button, you will find additional options such as:


This option allows you to change the name of your audience list. It’s useful for keeping your lists organized and easily recognizable, especially if the focus or purpose of the list has evolved.


This feature allows you to create an exact replica of your audience list, which is especially useful when you want to use a similar audience list as a foundation for a new segment. This saves you time as you won’t need to recreate filters from the beginning.

When a list is duplicated in LeadsWithDemos, it is automatically labeled as “Copy of [original list name].” You can then easily rename this copy to better reflect its new purpose or content.

Sync list

The ‘Sync List’ feature allows seamless integration of your audience list with external email marketing tools and other third-party services. This functionality ensures that the dynamic audience segmentation you’ve set up in LeadsWithDemos is accurately mirrored in your comprehensive marketing campaigns.

As your audience lists are automatically updated based on specified filters, any changes or new additions are promptly reflected in the connected platforms. This means that LeadsWithDemos continuously transfers updated information to the external service where your list is synchronized, maintaining consistency and relevance in your marketing efforts.

Download list

This feature enables the easy downloading of your audience list. It’s particularly useful for conducting offline analysis, maintaining records, or utilizing the data in various external applications.

Please note that all lead information, including standard fields and custom fields, will be downloaded into separate columns within the file. Additionally, the system will download the complete set of lead information, ensuring you have a comprehensive dataset for your needs.


This is a crucial tool for removing an audience list that is no longer needed. It helps in decluttering your workspace and maintaining focus on current and relevant audience segments.