LeadsWithDemos Documentation

Add a lead should include the following information

First Name

In this field, you can enter the lead’s first name.

Last Name

In this field, you can enter the lead’s last name.

Email Address

In this field, you can enter the lead’s email address. This is essential for staying in touch with the lead.

Add to Audience List

Use this option to add the lead to a specific audience list.

Assign Tag

Assign a tag to the lead to categorize them based on their interests or characteristics. This will help you organize your leads and track their progress.

Custom Fields:

If you have created any custom fields for leads, you can view and use them in this section. This allows you to collect additional information that is relevant to your business.

Duplicate Contacts in LeadsWithDemos

Duplicate Contacts:

In LeadsWithDemos, Duplicate Contacts are typically avoided through a systematic check that verifies the uniqueness of each lead based on their email address. When a lead is added or imported into the system, LeadsWithDemos checks for an existing record with the same email address.

For you as creator, this means

If a lead with the same email address already exists in the database, the system updates the existing record with the new details instead of creating a duplicate. This ensures data integrity and accuracy.

Creators don’t have to manually sift through their leads to identify and merge duplicates, saving time and reducing errors.

Marketing efforts become more efficient as each email address corresponds to a unique individual, ensuring that communications are targeted and personalized.

This approach emphasizes the importance of email addresses as unique identifiers and streamlines lead management, enhancing the overall effectiveness of your marketing strategies within LeadsWithDemos.

Unique Contact

A Unique Contact in LeadsWithDemos is a distinct lead identified by a unique email address. The system ensures that each email address corresponds to only one contact in your database, maintaining the uniqueness of each lead.

For you as creators, the concept of a unique contact is fundamental because

It guarantees that each contact represents a different individual, giving a clear and accurate view of your audience.

It allows for precise targeting and personalization in your marketing campaigns, as there is no confusion about who you are reaching out to.

It simplifies lead management, as there is no need to deal with the complexities that arise from handling duplicate entries.

By using the email address as a key unique identifier, LeadsWithDemos ensures that the creators have a streamlined and efficient process for lead management and engagement.