LeadsWithDemos Documentation

Edit Page Settings

This option empowers you to modify various aspects of your landing page, including its name, URL, and SEO elements, to optimize its performance and relevance.

Page Name

This feature allows you to change the name of your landing page, which can be crucial for organizing your content and making it easily identifiable both for you and your potential leads.

Page URL

Alter the end of the URL path to enhance SEO optimization. The full URL structure combines the site’s primary domain with your specific page URL. This customization is crucial for improving search engine rankings and enhancing the discoverability of your page. If you want your landing pages to have a custom URL, remember to add a custom domain to your LeadsWithDemos site.

Page SEO Title Tag

Here, you can edit the title tag (up to 60 characters) of your page. This tag is vital for search engine visibility and will appear in browser tabs, helping users identify your page quickly.

Page SEO Meta Description

Write a concise meta description (150-160 characters) for your page. This description appears in search engine results and plays a significant role in attracting potential leads to your page.

Hide Menu and Footer

This option offers the flexibility to hide the navigation menu or footer on your specific landing page. It’s useful for creating a more focused or minimalist page layout without distractions. Remember, these settings apply at the page level. If you want to hide the navigation menu and the footer for the entire site, you can do so in the Design > General tab.

Hide Menu for This Page

Activate this toggle if you want to remove the navigation menu from this page. It’s useful for landing pages where you want to limit navigation options to keep visitors focused on the content or call-to-action.

Hide Footer for This Page

Activate this toggle to remove the footer from this page. This can be helpful for pages where you want to minimize external links or additional information, keeping your visitors’ attention solely on the main content.