LeadsWithDemos Documentation

Test Email

The Test Email button in the Email History section of LeadsWithDemos is a valuable tool that enables you to send a trial version of your email to a designated lead’s email address. This feature is integral for confirming that the content, layout, and overall look of your email match your expectations before it’s sent out to your actual leads.

By using the Test Email button, you can fine-tune and ensure that all aspects of the email, including links and formatting, are functioning as intended. This proactive approach is crucial in maintaining the high quality and effectiveness of your email communications.

To use this function

Ensure you have added a testing lead and the specific email you wish to test to your LeadsWithDemos account. These will then appear as options in dropdown lists.

Select the desired lead from the dropdown list to whom you want to send the test email.

Choose the email you wish to test from another dropdown list, then click send.

These steps are necessary to see the available options for test emails within your LeadsWithDemos site.