LeadsWithDemos Documentation

For Custom Landing pages

The custom pages come with the following options:

Copy URL Option

This allows you to copy the URL of your custom landing page for easy sharing, reference, or to paste it in the browser for live viewing. It’s a handy feature for quick access and sharing your page externally.

Preview Option

Enables you to view your custom landing page as it would appear live. Once clicked, LeadsWithDemos will open this page in a new browser tab for reviewing, ensuring everything looks and functions as intended, offering a real-time preview experience.

Custom Page Tag

Each custom landing page is labeled with a “Custom Page” tag for easy identification and organization within the LeadsWithDemos platform. This tagging system simplifies managing and navigating your custom pages.


This option enables you to edit the layout and design elements of your custom landing page using our Page Builder.

The ‘Edit’ feature offers you the flexibility to modify and tailor your landing page’s layout and design elements according to your specific needs. Accessing our Page Builder allows you to adjust various aspects, such as text, images, colors, and the overall structure. This tool is crucial for creating a unique and engaging landing page that resonates with your audience and aligns with your brand’s aesthetic.

Please remember that you can set certain designs as defaults in the design section section and then use the Page Builder to override these default designs.

Options Menu

Offers a range of settings to customize the behavior and appearance of your landing page:

Set as Homepage

Marking a page as the homepage adds a “Homepage” tag to it. This designated page then becomes the primary entry point for visitors accessing your LeadsWithDemos main site URL. Please note that only one page, whether custom or predefined, can be set as the homepage at any given time.

Set as Landing Page or Remove as Landing Page

This feature allows you to designate a page as a lead-capturing landing page. Marking it as such ensures it is available in the campaign setup process. If you decide not to use this page as a landing page, you can easily remove this designation.

Display on Menu or Remove from Menu

Include or exclude your landing page in the site’s navigation menu. A “Shown in Menu” tag is added for visibility. If you later decide to remove the page from the menu, you can do so easily.


This feature enables you to make an exact copy of your existing landing page within LeadsWithDemos. You can then edit this duplicate page, modifying it to suit new requirements or use it as a base template for creating other pages. This is particularly useful when you want to maintain a consistent layout or design across multiple pages but with different content. It saves time and effort, as you won’t need to build each new page from scratch.


This option allows you to permanently remove a custom landing page from your LeadsWithDemos site. It’s a crucial feature when you need to declutter your workspace or remove outdated or irrelevant pages. As a creator, you should use this feature with caution, as once a page is deleted, it cannot be recovered. This helps keep your site’s content relevant and up-to-date, ensuring that only the most effective and current landing pages are active and available to your audience.