LeadsWithDemos Documentation

For pre-designed Landing pages

Using LeadsWithDemos, you have access to a range of options for pre-designed landing pages, including:

Predesigned Tag

This label clearly indicates that a page is one of the pre-designed landing pages provided by LeadsWithDemos. It helps you quickly identify which pages have fixed layouts that cannot be modified with the page builder, distinguishing them from the custom landing pages you have created.

Copy URL

This option allows you to copy the direct URL of the pre-designed landing page. It’s useful for sharing the page externally or for quick access to view the page live in a browser.


This feature enables you to see a live preview of how the pre-designed landing page looks. It’s essential for ensuring that the layout and design align with your expectations before making further customizations.

Set as Homepage

This option allows you to designate the pre-designed page as the main landing page (homepage) of your LeadsWithDemos site. It’s particularly useful when you want a ready-made landing page with a fixed layout to be the first point of interaction for your site visitors.

Set as Landing Page or Remove as Landing Page

This setting enables you to use the pre-designed landing page specifically for lead capture in your LeadsWithDemos campaigns. If the page is set as a landing page, it will appear as an option in campaign setups. Conversely, you can remove the landing page status when it’s no longer needed for campaigns.

Display on Menu or Remove from Menu

This option lets you decide whether to include or exclude the pre-designed landing page in your site’s navigation menu. It provides flexibility in managing how visitors navigate your site and which pages are prominently displayed.

Edit Page Settings

Although pre-designed, these pages offer some degree of customization. You can edit basic settings like the page name, URL, SEO elements, and choose whether to show or hide the menu and footer. This feature allows you to tweak pre-designed landing pages to better fit your branding and content needs. For details on how to edit page settings for custom landing pages, which applies the same logic, see our guide on custom page settings.